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- Bring up the desired policies, principles and leadership that envisage solutions which are essential in managing all types of projects within the available resources in order to achieve the desired outcome.
- Putting in place a robust project management team and mechanism which is the key to accomplishing the solution needed by the communities after the disaster.
- Reconstruct all structures (houses for individuals, public buildings).
- Seek global assistance in the reconstruction efforts through international Organisations, Relief Agencies and Non - Governmental Organizations.
- Harmonisation and coordination of all Government and Non - Governmental Organizations involved in the construction and reconstruction of infrastructures in the displaced communities.


- Provision of livelihood support tothe displaced communities.
- Empowering of the disaster victims through various vocational and skill acquisition programmes and creating sustainable source of livelihoods.
- Provision of framework and implementation program of De - Radicalisation and psycho - social support programme.
- Rehabilitation and provision of essential amenities that support life like water and sanitation, food supply, housing, electricity and access roads to the affected communities.
- Repairing and rehabilitation of affected communities in all areas of essential services like hospitals, schools, markets and government establishment.
- Clearing, evacuation and control of all hazards materials which predisposed returnees to risk.


- Put in place policies, programmes and infrastructure that will facilitate the return of displaced victims back to their original communities.
- Provide temporary shelter to the returnees where necessary.
- Rebuilding the capacity and resilience of the victims to enable them start life fresh.
- Ensuring that all their fears and vulnerabilities are limited.
- Maintain welfare centers and provision of security to the Internally displaced people.
- Reunification of IDPS with their families.
- Provision of assistance to resettled persons by maintaining coordination between government and Non - Governmental Organizations.
- Provide a framework for supervision, monitoring and evaluation of settlement implementation.
- Collaborate with Donor Agencies with view to adapting the appropriate guidelines on resettlement for successful resettlement.

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